The best of the Windows Store (Part 1 – Desktop apps)

The Windows Store, introduced by Windows 10, has had a leading role in the software democratization in the Windows world, because before it an indie developer had no pratical way to distribute software to customers, who were usually using only ones created by well known software houses (normally costing even alot!).

Starting with Windows 10, customers can now download trusted apps from the Windows Store, created by great indie developers, that can help really much to improve the use of the Operating System, in many different way.
This is a list of great Desktop apps, specifically designed for Windows 10, that you can download from the Windows Store:

(I have not been payed by anyone to write theese reviews)


(FREE – NO In-app purchase – OPEN SOURCE)

This Desktop app is absolutely the definitive volume control that Windows needed from a long time!

By using this app, you can not only control the volume of each running application, but you can also see which apps are generating sound and even mute them!

Althought beeing technically a Desktop app, its style is exactly the same as a UWP one, makeing it perfect to use in your system notification area… it has even exactly the same tray icon as the standard volume control!

GitHub project link: EarTrumpet on GitHub

Windows Store link:
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(0.99$ – NO In-app purchase – OPEN SOURCE)

Another perfect piece of software that simply can not be missed in a Desktop, especially if your display supports adjustable brightness!

This utility lets you adjust the brightness of your display easily, giving you the opportunity also to have a glance on your battery’s charge status!

The appearence is highly customizable, giving you the possibility to change:
– the brightness slider’s color
– the opacity and the background of the popup window
– the system tray icon (choose between static icon and battery status)
– the battery status color
– the Low-battery-status color

The app costs 0.99$, but it is Open Source and you can download a NOT-updated version of this utility from GitHub: BrightnessSlider on GitHub

Windows Store link:
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(FREE – NO In-app purchase – OPEN SOURCE)

Simple, yet powerful utility that let’s you customize the taskbar appearence.

Since the app is also open source, you can find the code and more tips in the GitHub project page: TranslucentTB on GitHub

Windows Store Link:
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This post is in UPDATE status (last update: 26-X-2018)